A suitable costume defines your personality as a well dressed person. It becomes very much essential for us to choose from variety of trends which can enhance our dressing style.
If you are looking for a formal yet cool and attractive look for a party, you can go ahead wearing a neck tie. Neck tie are considered as an essential accessory for men while wearing a formal. Neckties enhances the value of dressing as it embraces both the color of the over all dressing as well as the personality of the person. If wearing a neck tie is striking in your mind then learning how to tie neckties is an important task to learn.
There are many ways and knots to tie neckties. There are many ways to tie neckties such as Prince Albert knot, Windsor knot, cross knot, bow tie, ascot and four in hand style. The most common knot tie is Prince Albert knot. If you are traditional style lover then this can become your style. Oriental knot as popularly known allows you to get a simple tie with smarter look in fewer steps. Care should be taken that more space is to be left at the large end and try fitting them together when taking a second round. This tie goes well with the button down shirt and collar shirts.
Another way of tying knot is four in hand knot. If your tie is thicker in fabric and you want to look different from the regular oriental knot, this asymmetric form of neck tie can be very useful in enhancing your style statement. First of all place the broader end of your tie around the right side of the neck hanging lower than the other end. Move the broader end to left and pass that to the narrow end held in your left hand. It should be done in a way that brings the narrow end back to the left which can let you start with shaping of the tie. Following this, pass the broad end underneath the half formed knot and then pull it through the front. In the next step pull the broad end of the tie between the layer of the knot which forms the layer between the top and the bottom. You can adjust the shape of the knot by holding the narrow end tightly.
If everything else does not work out or you want to approach a simple way of tying a neck tie, then bow tie can suit you choice. Crossing the fabric around the neck, narrow ends and broader ends are made to cover the mid of the bow placed against it. The wrap up of these can give you the desired shape of the tie you wish to have.
Ascot style is a stylish way to go for. It is not the typical form of tying a neck tie but you need to tie ascot around the neck in this style. Cross both the ends of the ascot in a loop. Following it pull the right end though the loop. Place the initial left end initial right side of the ascot in a prcised form followed by adjusting it to cover the neck well.
Improve your overall look by choosing from one of the ways of tying and see how they can do wonders to you personality.

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